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Welcome to the Titan Aviation card program contact page.

Potential or existing Titan Aviation card holders in the USA
If you have a question about the card program, please contact your local sales account manager.

If you have a question about a returned or submitted application, please contact the Titan Aviation Processing Center.
By Telephone: Toll Free 1-888-767-1982
By Email: Customer Service
By Mail: Titan Aviation Processing Center, 12800 Foster St, Overland Park, KS 66213
Potential or exisiting Titan Merchants
If you would like information on becoming a Merchant in the USA please contact Elise Donald of Titan Aviation Fuels.
By Telephone: Toll Free 1-800-334-5732
By Email: Elise Donald

If you are an existing merchant and you need a credit card authorization or a pre-approval, please contact the appropriate number below.
Titan Card Authorizations1-888-767-1982
Multi Service Card Authorizations1-800-255-5037
Avcard Authorizations1-800-892-4200
Mastercard/Visa Authorizations1-866-401-4852
American Express Authorizations1-800-528-2121
Discover Authorizations (USA Only)1-800-347-1111
Comdata Authorizations (USA Only)1-800-599-8689
Rewards Authorizations (USA Only)1-800-599-8689
Air Card Authorizations1-866-308-3811

If you have questions regarding your reimbursement or reporting, please contact Titan Aviation Merchant Support.
By Telephone: Toll Free 1-888-767-1982
By Email: Merchant Support

If you need assistance with your POS device, please contact Titan Aviation POS Support.
By Telephone: Toll Free 1-888-767-1982
By Email: POS Support

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